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GeoCities Special Collection 2009

Saving a Historical Record of GeoCities

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library, and home to a giant archive of the public web since 1996. Our web archive is viewable for free via the Wayback Machine.

GeoCities was an important outlet for personal expression on the Web for almost 15 years, but was discontinued on October 26, 2009.

The Internet Archive launched special several deep collection crawls, including specific sites nominated by the public, over the last few months that GeoCities was in operation, to help make our archive of GeoCities sites as deep and thorough as possible.

Check Archived Materials

We've collected a lot of GeoCities sites over the years — even before the special pre-shutdown crawls. You can check if a site of interest was collected either prior to 2009 or as part of the 2009 special collection by entering its address here:

Special Collection 2009 Content

Content from the special collection crawls of July to October of 2009 is now available in for browsing in the Wayback Machine.

Our crawling was based on publically-available directories and links to GeoCities pages; we did not have a comprehensive list of all GeoCities pages. Thus there is no guarantee a site will have been collected, which is most likely if it had few links from elsewhere and a small number of visitors.

Additionally, some material from our global crawls of late 2008 and early 2009 has not yet been indexed for Wayback Machine access. Some GeoCities content from those crawls will only appear when that process catches up, expected by the end of 2010.

Special Thanks

While archiving GeoCities is an independent Internet Archive project, we thank Yahoo for their guidance and open communication about the upcoming GeoCities closure. See the Yahoo! Help Center for more info.

We also thank the independent volunteer team of archivers at Archive Team for their efforts to preserve GeoCities and contribute URL surveys to our project.

Another independent project, ReoCities, is also mirroring a substantial portion of GeoCities and exchanged URL lists with the Internet Archive during the final round of archiving.

Other Archives

We have no affiliation with these projects, but know of at least three other efforts with online GeoCities page archives that may be of interest, especially if our archive lacks the pages you need. See: